Caffeine may ease post-workout pain: study

Posted: January 19, 2007 in Fitness, Nutrition
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The theory is that caffeine eases delayed muscle pain by blocking the activity of a chemical called adenosine, which is released as part of the inflammatory response to injury. For full article click here.

I have been drinking coffee before my workout since the early 90’s and have found it to be a good energy boost. This study shows that it may reduce the inflammation response that stress such as workouts causes by blocking adenosine. Anything that reduces inflammation in the body is a good thing since our diets, which are typically high in Omega 6 fatty acids, increases inflammation by promoting more of the “bad” PG2 prostaglandins.

As long as you don’t have anxiey disorders, high blood pressure or stomach/irritable bowel disorders I say go ahead and have a cup of joe before your workout.

By Peter Marino
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